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Candy Maker Game

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candy maker game

184 Questions! TAG GAME!

184 Questions! TAG GAME!
Tagged by Avabumpbe! 😛

184. My middle name is: Ash (abbreviated, don’t wanna put full middle name).
183. My great grandma’s nickname: I called her Mets Tatik! Miss her! :s
182. I was born in: Hoboken, NJ.
181: I am really: Hyper? :3
180. My cellphone company is: AT&T.
179. My eye color is: Brown.
178. My shoe size: Mens 12! I gotz me some big feet! XD
177. My ring size is: I don’t know! ;P
176. My height: Five foot something!
175. I’m allergic to: Bullsh*t.
174. My first job: Cashier at aunt’s salon.
173. My first car: None.
172. My bed is: Orange, blue, and has Uglydolls on it! 😀
171. My pet: Two dogs, one cat, and a bird!
170. My best friend: Won’t say! 😛
169. My favorite shampoo: Pantene.
168. AIM name: N/A xD
167. Piggy banks are: Made for the liquorice bitch.
166. In my pockets: Monayyyy.
165. On my calender: Birthdays, holidays, and events!
164. Marriage is: Forever Alone.
163. My mom is: The most wonderful person in the world who I will love forever because she is the BEST!
162. The last CDs I bought were: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Born To Die.
161. The last video I watched: Remix of "Blue Jeans" with Azealia Banks.
160. How many cousins I have: Too many.
159. Do you have any siblings? 1 half-brother and 2 step-sisters.
158. Are your parents divorced? Separated since, forever.
157. Are you taller than yo momma? Yep.
156. Do you play instruments? Eh, not really.
155. What did you do yesterday? Hang with friends then cleaned my room.

~Belive in~
154. Love at first sight? Idk.
153. Luck? Sometimes.
152. Fate? Sometimes.
151. Yourself? As fake as press-on nails.
150. Aliens? Idk.
149. Heaven? Yeah!
148. Hell? Unfortunately, yes.
147. God? Yes.
146. Horoscopes? Rarely.
145. Soulmates? Idk.
144. Ghosts? Yuss.
115. Six flags or Disney? Universal Studios Hollywood. Wait, what?
114. Yankees or Red socks? Hate sports. >,.>
104. eBay: Good… at times.
103: Soccer: I hate sports.
102: Work: Good… at times.
101: Neighbors: Like family! ❤
100: Cars: I want a Jeep when I can drive! 😛
99. Designer Clothing: Not really a big deal! As long as you look nice and clean, who can give a fuck about designer clothing?
98. College: I wanna go to an arts college for film making and things of that sort.
97. Sports: *I hate
96. My family: Good… at times.
95. The Future: Is in the near future.

~Last time I~
94. Last time I hugged someone: Like, today.
93. Last time you ate: About an hour ago.
92. Saw someone I haven’t seen in awhile: My friend. 😛
91. Cried in front of someone: Month ago. ;s
90: Went to the movies: The day after "The Dictator" came out!
89. Took a vacation: Last summer.
88. Swam in a pool: 2 days ago.
87. Changed diapers: ]Not yet.
86. Got your nails done: Pedicures count?
85. Went to a wedding: Never.
84: Broke a bone: A few months ago.
83: Got a piercing: 3rd Grade.
82. Broke a law: When do I not?
81. Texted: Always.

80. Who makes you laugh most? My friends.
79. Something I really miss when I leave home: All properties and/or items.
78. The last movie I saw: Bad Girls From Valley High.
77. The thing I am looking for most: Uhhhh………
76. The thing I am not looking forward to: Yesterday.
75. People call me: Weird, but lovable and funny! ❤
72.) The most difficult thing to do: Being sarcastic over the net.
73. When getting a speeding ticket: Ummmmm……
72. My zodiac sign: Leo.
71. The first person I talked to today: Great aunt.
70. First time you had a crush? Kindergarten.
69. The one person you can’t hide anything from: Friends.
68. Last time you said something you were thinking: Today.
67. Right now I’m talking to: FOREVER ALONE.
66. What are you going to be when you grow up? Film Maker/Actor/Screenwriter/Director? 😛
65. I have/will get a job: Film industry?
64. Tomorrow: Will be tomorrow.
63. Today: What a has been.
62. Next summer: As in this summer. Um, awesome.
61. Next week: Leaving for Caliiiii!
60. I have these pets: I answered this before.
59. The worst sound in the world: My grandmother… screaming! :/
58. People who make you cry most: People who die.
57. People who make you the mosy happy: Friends and certain family members.
56. The last time you cried: 2 weeks ago.
55. Last movie you cried at: Idk. Too many.
54. Your hair color: Brown with blond highlights.
53. TV shows I watch: Pretty Little Liars, Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore, etc.
52. Favorite website: Flickr.
51. Dream Vacation: Idk.
50. The worst pain you were in: Too many.
49. How do you like your steak cooked? I don’t like steak! ;S
48. My room is: A room version of myself. I make cheap things look expensive according to other people.
47. Favorite celebrities: Too many.
46. Where would you like to be? Idk.
45. Do you want kids? When I am older…
44. Ever been in love? Not yet.
43. Your best friend? Answered before.
42. More guy friends or girl friends? Ummmm…. I have a lot of girl friends so maybe girl friends but I also have a lot of guy friends…
41. One thing that m

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scr2 640x480
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